About Buffalo West

about buffalo west restaurant, fort worthSince 2012, Buffalo West, formerly known as Buffalo Gap, has been offering food that blends down-home familiarity with chic ingredients for a tasty, filling experience. Located near the Camp Bowie West traffic circle and Alta Mere Drive, Buffalo West offers a comfortable, subtle Texana atmosphere. Behind the solid oak door (notable for a speakeasy window at eye level) you’ll find the cozy, dark wood and stucco walls touched up with the kind of natural-finish wood planks you would find on the walls of an upscale hunting lodge.

about buffalo west restaurant, fort worthBuffalo West is a destination restaurant known for its prime rib, steaks, and upscale comfort food. At Buffalo west you’ll enjoy a dining experience that’s comfortable, casual, and relaxing.

The beef at Buffalo West comes from 44 Farms, a local area ranch known for producing the finest steaks and recognized as one of the premier Black Angus producers in the country. 44 Farms is a working ranch, not a factory. They manage for sustainability by emphasizing livestock health and responsible pasture management. This improves the cattle in order to create superior beef for your table.

about buffalo west restaurant, fort worthAlong with great food, Buffalo West features an outstanding indoor/outdoor patio perfect for year-round dining and listening to local musicians playing on the stage or at the piano.

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About Buffalo West's Owner
about buffalo west restaurant, fort worthPaul McKinney, a retired sea captain, commercial real estate broker and investor located on Camp Bowie West, saw an opportunity when the former Steak & Ale building down the street at 7101 Camp Bowie West went on the market. He purchased it out of bankruptcy when the Steak & Ale/Bennigans Corporation went under in 2008. McKinney has purchased several other industrial and office properties over the years. He was used to refurbishing, recycling, and making ready for reuse in the market, but this beautiful well-built building has been quite a challenge. McKinney decided to completely remodel the building and open his own restaurant. By adding an outstanding indoor/outdoor patio perfect for year-round dining and listening to local musicians playing on the stage or at the piano, and a huge salad bar, he was able to keep much of the charm of the English Tudor style building yet modernize it to serve today’s customers. He and his wife Mary, a Spanish Professor at TCU, opened Buffalo West in September 2012.

McKinney admits there is a tough learning curve in the restaurant business and they have made their share of mistakes, but they are on the right track and moving forward. The food is superb and the service is awesome. They are very proud of their staff. Everyday new customers are dining there and the repeat customers love it and bring in more friends to try it out. Managing Partner, Chris Piekarski and McKinney work well together developing a corporate culture based on the “Golden Rule.”

About Buffalo West's Managing Partner
Chris Piekarski started right out of college and joined the Steak and Ale Restaurant Team. He became a general manager at the age of 22. Chris helped develop the Midwest market for them and later helped develop the Bennigan’s concept in the Midwest as well. He ventured off privately and opened 3 restaurants in Plymouth, Massachusetts. All the restaurants were in the “Plymouth Rock” tourist area and highly visible and frequented by tourists from all around the world.  While in Detroit he served on the NFL Super Bowl Committee which was responsible for bringing the Super Bowl to Detroit in 1982. Chris also worked directly with the Detroit Lions for 8 years and was responsible for Special Events and team parties.

In 1993 he joined a restaurant group in Canton, OH called “The Stables Hall of Fame Grill” which was located directly next door to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was a huge success and Chris worked closely with the NFL, ESPN Sports, CBS, NBC FOX and ABC sports for events and special parties and hosted many dignitaries and NFL officials from all over the United States and the world. In addition to this, he was instrumental in helping develop the Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant chain which was then located in Akron/Kent Ohio. He helped develop the layout for the TVs, DirecTV, internet and interactive gaming which is what Buffalo Wild Wings looks like today. Chris returned to Dallas in 2011 to continue his career in the restaurant business.

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